Meet Ms. Jean

It begins with a story...


Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a librarian named Ms. Jean. She loved sharing stories and decided to create a storytime for children who came into the library. Parents and teachers began bringing many kids to Ms. Jean's storytime and she loved it when they listened, laughed, and even clapped along!  Ms. Jean knew this would forever be an important part of her life.


Upon retirement, Ms. Jean was determined to perfect her storytelling skills and began attending classes, workshops, conferences, and one-on-one coaching. She was hooked!


In 1998, Ms. Jean formed the Wichita Griots Storytelling Institute, and now we complete the rest of the story!




Wichita Griots:  Keepers of the Stories

The Wichita Griots are a local professional group of storytellers who empower youth and promote a love and appreciation of reading through the oral tradition of arts. The Wichita Griots are committed to keeping the oral tradition of storytelling alive.

Storytelling and Song in the Griots Tradition 

In Keeping with the African oral tradition, the Griots promote an understanding of our common human experiences which is to engage the hopes, fears and funny bone of each individual.  Through use of body movement, gesture, facial expression, use of accent, African Attire, and plenty of audience participation, the Griots cast a spell over the audience. Through storytelling, dancing, singing and drumming we inspire students to learn.

Using storytelling, this dynamic group fully engages audience members, as they drum, sing, rap, dance and tell tales of wonder, adventure and history.  Stories of values and character make this multi-talented highly animated group's performance an event of fulfilling enrichment.